My Start

Normality is a paved road; it’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow

Vincent van Gogh


Hello, everyone!!

This is my first post. Nothing fancy to say about myself. I’m a student who is currently studying science because it fascinates me. Writing is my pastime. As of my hobby of writing, I choose this platform to write. Beginning a blog was a big step for me as my writing is pretty average. I always wanted to do this but I was hesitant to start. After my endless deliberation about whether to start or not, I finally decided to go for this. Moving on, my blog will be a journal of my experiences, random topics, musings and nutrition. Thank you, everyone, who read this!

Making it quick

Nothing is certain in this life and also the planet we live on. With every bad that arrives, there comes good with it. Nonetheless, the human mind is so fixated on bad going blind towards the other side that is good. We all are on different tracks yet, moving towards one end. They are questions … Continue reading Making it quick

On the brink?

If we go back one month ago who would have known we would have been in this crisis. We had set our schedules, plans although tables have turned so rapidly we didn’t even realise. This outbreak has really pushed us to the level where we can’t even shake hands to others or to add can’t … Continue reading On the brink?